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Ecometrica: Measuring Environmental Impact Through Advanced Satellite Analytics

Written by Karol Kaczmarek
Published May 10th, 2024
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Updated June 15th, 2024


Ecometrica provides end-to-end environmental reporting through their platform, supporting transparency and compliance with global standards. The company is a leader in the field of sustainability and environmental impact analysis, headquartered in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Founded in 2008, Ecometrica has grown to become one of the most respected firms specializing in greenhouse gas accounting, sustainability reporting, and environmental business intelligence.
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Ecometrica provides end-to-end environmental reporting through their platform, supporting transparency and compliance with global standards. The company is a leader in the field of sustainability and environmental impact analysis, headquartered in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Founded in 2008, Ecometrica has grown to become one of the most respected firms specializing in greenhouse gas accounting, sustainability reporting, and environmental business intelligence.

Ecometrica’s mission is to bring clarity to environmental and social issues through advanced data analysis, helping organizations make informed decisions that lead to sustainable actions. They aim to simplify the complexities of environmental reporting and help businesses, governments, and organizations turn data into meaningful insights that promote environmental stewardship.

Did you know that Ecometrica’s software has helped manage the sustainability data of companies responsible for over 1.5 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions worldwide? This staggering figure represents the profound impact Ecometrica is making in guiding major global entities toward a zero-carbon future.


Ecometrica was founded in 2008 during a time when the need for robust environmental reporting was becoming increasingly apparent due to heightened global awareness of climate change. Since its inception, Ecometrica has been at the forefront of the sustainability sector, providing tools that enable companies to accurately measure their carbon footprint and environmental impact. The company’s growth has been marked by significant milestones, including the expansion of their services to include satellite-based monitoring and advanced data analytics, which have been pivotal in enhancing global environmental governance.

Ecometrica was co-founded by Dr. Richard Tipper, an expert in environmental science and a recognized leader in greenhouse gas accounting. Under his leadership and vision, Ecometrica has become a global authority in the field, similar to the strategic growth seen in ventures led by individuals like Karol from A&K Ventures, who harness innovative technologies to drive transformation. The current CEO, Gary Davis, brings a wealth of experience in scaling tech companies and has been instrumental in steering Ecometrica through its latest phases of growth and innovation.

Ecometrica’s journey has been supported by a series of funding rounds, attracting investments from major venture capital firms that specialize in sustainability and technology. This backing has enabled Ecometrica to advance its technology and expand its global reach. The company’s investor base includes environmentally focused funds that prioritize innovative solutions to climate change, echoing the growing trend of investing in companies that contribute to a sustainable future.


Core Products/Services: Ecometrica offers a suite of software solutions designed to help organizations measure, manage, and report on sustainability and environmental impacts, primarily focusing on carbon reduction. Here’s an overview of their main offerings:

  1. Ecometrica Sustainability Platform: This comprehensive platform enables businesses to track and manage their carbon footprint across all scopes of emissions (Scope 1, 2, and 3). By integrating data from various sources, it provides accurate, audit-ready reporting that helps companies adhere to international standards and regulations. The platform simplifies complex data, making it actionable for sustainability strategies and initiatives.

  2. Ecometrica Mapping: Leveraging satellite data and geographic information systems (GIS), this service offers advanced environmental and land use mapping. It helps organizations monitor deforestation, water risk, and biodiversity, which are crucial for assessing environmental impact and implementing sustainable land management practices. These insights are vital for companies involved in natural resources, agriculture, and those looking to mitigate environmental risks in their supply chains.

  3. Ecometrica Our Impacts: Specifically tailored for corporate greenhouse gas accounting, this tool facilitates precise calculation and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions. It supports compliance with global standards such as the GHG Protocol and frameworks set by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). ‘Our Impacts’ helps businesses not only track and reduce emissions but also enhance their corporate sustainability reporting to stakeholders.

Ecometrica stands out in the environmental and sustainability sector through its innovative use of technology and analytical approaches. Here are some key innovations and technologies deployed by Ecometrica:

  1. Satellite Data Integration: Ecometrica is a pioneer in integrating satellite imagery and remote sensing data with environmental reporting. Their technology harnesses high-resolution satellite data to monitor changes in land use, forest cover, and water resources in real time. This allows for more accurate and up-to-date environmental impact assessments, crucial for organizations managing natural resources or those committed to sustainable practices in agriculture and forestry.

  2. Advanced Data Analytics: The company employs cutting-edge data analytics to process complex datasets into actionable insights. This includes the use of machine learning algorithms to predict future trends in environmental impact and help organizations optimize their sustainability strategies. These predictive analytics are integral for companies aiming to anticipate regulatory changes and adapt their operations to minimize environmental footprints.

  3. Cloud-Based Reporting Tools: Ecometrica’s cloud-based platforms, like the Ecometrica Sustainability Platform, provide scalable solutions for environmental data management. These tools are designed to ensure data integrity, security, and accessibility, enabling multinational organizations to manage and report their sustainability metrics seamlessly across multiple regions and regulatory environments.

  4. Customizable Frameworks: Understanding that each organization has unique sustainability challenges, Ecometrica offers customizable frameworks within their products. These frameworks allow organizations to tailor data inputs, metrics, and reporting features to fit their specific needs and objectives, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of environmental reports.


Ecometrica’s products and services have been implemented successfully across various industries, demonstrating their versatility and effectiveness in helping organizations achieve sustainability goals. Here are a few notable examples:

Global Consumer Goods Company: A leading multinational consumer goods company utilized Ecometrica’s Sustainability Platform to streamline their global carbon emissions data collection and reporting process. The platform enabled the company to consolidate data from over 100 countries, significantly improving the accuracy and timeliness of their sustainability reports. This comprehensive approach helped the company reduce its global carbon footprint by identifying high-emission areas and implementing targeted reduction strategies.

Government Environmental Agency: An environmental agency in a large country employed Ecometrica’s Mapping service to monitor deforestation and water risk in critical regions. Using satellite data provided by Ecometrica, the agency was able to detect illegal deforestation activities and implement timely interventions. Additionally, the water risk analysis helped in planning sustainable water usage policies, crucial for the conservation of natural resources and the prevention of drought-related issues.

Energy Sector Collaboration: In collaboration with a consortium of energy companies, Ecometrica developed a tailored version of the ‘Our Impacts’ tool to specifically address the unique challenges of the energy sector. This project allowed the companies to not only comply with stringent international emissions reporting standards but also to optimize their operations for better energy efficiency and lower emissions. The tool’s impact was profound, leading to a measurable decrease in Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions across participating companies.

University Research Project: A prestigious university partnered with Ecometrica to use their environmental data analysis capabilities for a research project studying urban heat islands. The project leveraged Ecometrica’s advanced analytical tools to assess the effectiveness of various green roofing materials in reducing urban temperatures. The findings contributed to local government policies on building materials, which are expected to improve urban living environments significantly.


Industry Overview: Ecometrica operates within the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) software and services industry, which has seen significant growth driven by increasing regulatory requirements and a growing corporate commitment to sustainability. This industry includes a range of services from carbon footprint analysis to comprehensive sustainability reporting and environmental data management. Ecometrica has positioned itself as a leader in providing end-to-end solutions that enable organizations to measure, manage, and report their environmental data effectively and comply with global standards.

Competitors: Key competitors in the market include Sphera, Enablon, and ADEC Innovations. Sphera offers similar environmental performance and risk management tools, while Enablon focuses on a broader range of EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) and sustainability management solutions. ADEC Innovations specializes in streamlining data management for sustainability reporting. What sets Ecometrica apart is its integration of satellite data and advanced analytics, which provide enhanced accuracy and real-time environmental monitoring capabilities that many competitors do not offer.

Challenges and Opportunities: Challenges facing Ecometrica include rapidly evolving regulatory environments, which require constant updates to their platforms and services to ensure compliance. Additionally, the complex nature of global supply chains presents difficulties in data collection and verification. However, these challenges also present significant opportunities. For instance, the increasing demand for real-time and precise environmental data offers Ecometrica the chance to expand their satellite data services. Moreover, as more sectors are mandated to comply with stringent environmental regulations, Ecometrica can broaden its market by adapting its tools for specific industries such as manufacturing, energy, and agriculture.

Ecometrica also stands to benefit from the growing trend of impact investing, where investors seek not only financial returns but also social and environmental impact. By providing robust tools for measuring and reporting on these impacts, Ecometrica can position itself as an essential partner for businesses looking to attract this type of investment. Overall, Ecometrica’s comprehensive approach to sustainability management, enhanced by cutting-edge technology, positions it well to take advantage of the growing emphasis on environmental accountability and stewardship in the global marketplace.


Environmental Impact: Ecometrica has significantly contributed to global sustainability efforts by enabling organizations to accurately track and reduce their carbon emissions. Through its suite of tools, Ecometrica has helped clients across various sectors—from government bodies to large corporations—better understand and mitigate their environmental impact. For example, by using Ecometrica’s platforms, companies have managed to reduce their Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions through data-driven insights and actionable strategies. Additionally, Ecometrica’s environmental mapping technology has played a critical role in conservation efforts, aiding in the monitoring and protection of endangered ecosystems and helping to prevent illegal deforestation activities.

Certifications and Awards: Ecometrica’s commitment to excellence in sustainability has been recognized through several certifications and awards:

  • ISO 14064 Certification: This certification demonstrates Ecometrica’s adherence to international standards in quantifying, monitoring, reporting, and verifying greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Ecometrica has been honored with this prestigious award in the Innovation category, acknowledging their advanced satellite data technology which has revolutionized environmental monitoring.

  • CDP Software Partner: Ecometrica is a certified partner of the CDP, which underscores their capability to provide robust tools for detailed and compliant environmental reporting.

Future Goals: Looking ahead, Ecometrica has outlined ambitious goals to further its impact on sustainability. One major initiative includes expanding their satellite monitoring capabilities to cover additional critical regions at risk from climate change, aiming to provide even more precise data to combat environmental threats. Ecometrica is also focused on enhancing its AI and machine learning algorithms to predict environmental risks before they occur, thereby offering preemptive strategies to their clients. Additionally, the company plans to deepen its involvement in projects that support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly those related to climate action and life on land.


Ecometrica actively participates in both local and global sustainability initiatives. The company collaborates with environmental nonprofits and community groups to sponsor and support projects that aim to preserve and restore natural habitats. Globally, Ecometrica is involved in projects that contribute to international environmental efforts, such as reforestation programs and water conservation initiatives, reflecting a commitment to ecological stewardship that goes beyond business interests.

The company has established partnerships with several universities to foster research in environmental science and sustainability. These collaborations often involve providing academic institutions with access to their advanced data tools, enabling students and researchers to conduct detailed environmental studies. Additionally, Ecometrica regularly hosts webinars and workshops that are open to the public, aiming to raise awareness and educate on important environmental issues.

The organization encourages its employees to engage in sustainability through various programs. This includes offering paid volunteer days for employees to participate in local environmental clean-ups or conservation efforts. The company also provides educational programs to employees on sustainability practices both in the workplace and for personal development. Furthermore, Ecometrica matches donations made by employees to environmental charities, reinforcing a culture of responsibility and activism.


Feedback from Ecometrica’s clients typically highlights the effectiveness of their tools in simplifying complex environmental reporting and compliance. Many customers appreciate the user-friendly interface of Ecometrica’s platforms and the company’s responsive customer support. Testimonials often emphasize how Ecometrica’s services have helped organizations to achieve their sustainability goals and enhance their environmental reputation.

Ecometrica has received significant positive media coverage, particularly for their innovative use of satellite technology in environmental monitoring. Major environmental and business publications have featured Ecometrica, praising their contributions to global sustainability efforts and their role in shaping corporate responses to climate change.

Ecometrica’s PR strategies focus on transparency and leadership in sustainability. The company regularly publishes sustainability reports detailing their own environmental impacts and progress towards sustainability goals, setting an example for other companies. Their public image is that of a leader and innovator in the sustainability sector, a reputation Ecometrica actively maintains through regular updates and active engagement with media, clients, and the public on issues of global importance.


Ecometrica stands out as a pivotal player in the carbon zero emission industry, offering a comprehensive suite of products and services that enable organizations to accurately measure, manage, and report their carbon emissions and broader environmental impacts. Founded in 2008 and based in Edinburgh, Ecometrica has quickly evolved into a leader in environmental and sustainability reporting, leveraging advanced technologies such as satellite data integration and sophisticated data analytics.

The company’s core offerings, including the Ecometrica Sustainability Platform, Ecometrica Mapping, and Our Impacts software, provide critical tools for organizations to adhere to international standards and make informed sustainability decisions. These products are complemented by Ecometrica’s commitment to innovation, particularly in the use of real-time satellite data and predictive analytics, which enhance the accuracy and efficacy of environmental monitoring and reporting.

Ecometrica’s significant contributions to sustainability are recognized through various certifications and awards, such as the ISO 14064 Certification and the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation. These accolades underscore the company’s commitment to quality and innovation in environmental stewardship.

In terms of community and social responsibility, Ecometrica actively engages with both local and global initiatives, emphasizing community involvement and educational outreach. The company’s positive customer feedback and strong media presence further reinforce its reputation as a trusted leader in the industry. Ecometrica’s dedication to advancing sustainability, combined with its innovative approach to environmental data management, positions it as a crucial ally for companies worldwide striving to meet their carbon reduction goals and enhance their overall sustainability efforts. As the global focus on environmental accountability intensifies, Ecometrica’s role in shaping sustainable practices and helping organizations transition towards zero emissions becomes increasingly important.

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Karol Kaczmarek
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