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In today’s market, smart software solutions can give your business the edge it needs to stay ahead while keeping an eye on sustainability. From carbon accounting tools to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) monitoring platforms, this category covers a range of software designed to help you track and manage your environmental impact efficiently. These tools are all about making sustainability simple and integrated into your business strategy.

These software solutions don't just tick the boxes for compliance—they streamline your operations, cut costs, and give you real-time insights for better decision-making. Imagine having all your sustainability data at your fingertips, helping you run a tighter, more efficient ship. Articles in this category will show you how these tools can boost your operational efficiency, save you money, and give you a competitive edge.

We’ll highlight success stories and the latest innovations, proving that sustainability isn’t just about meeting regulatory standards—it’s about gaining a strategic advantage. By adopting these digital tools, you’ll see tangible benefits and stay ahead of the curve in an eco-conscious market. This isn’t just about meeting sustainability goals; it’s about leveraging technology to drive your business forward.

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Streamlining ESG and CO2E Reporting for SMEs
Carbon Accounting
Omnevue is an innovative platform designed to help small to medium-sized businesses efficiently manage and report their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) data. The service focuses on making the reporting process as seamless and accurate as possible, ensuring compliance with international standards.


Nature Intelligence for a Sustainable Future
Risk Management
NatCap Research provides services in nature advisory, nature intelligence, and science-driven insights, developed from Oxford University research. They offer expert guidance on nature strategy design and execution, a proprietary geospatial data platform for nature metrics and analysis, and audit-grade data for external scrutiny.


Revolutionizing Carbon Accounting for Supply Chain Transparency
Carbon Accounting
Normative is a carbon accounting engine that helps businesses calculate their carbon footprint across their entire supply chain, aiming to make carbon accounting accessible and actionable for all companies. In the realm of corporate environmental responsibility, Normative emerges as a pivotal software provider dedicated to the intricacies of carbon accounting

Ditch Carbon

Supporting Sustainable Procurement And Carbon Management Across Supply Chains
Carbon Accounting
In the rapidly evolving world of business, procurement teams are increasingly tasked with not only managing costs and ensuring the efficiency of supply chains but also with upholding their company’s commitment to sustainability. This is where DitchCarbon steps in – a platform designed to empower procurement teams with the actionable insights needed to significantly reduce emissions across all suppliers, seamlessly integrated into their existing procurement stack.


Streamlining Sustainability and Carbon Management for Climate Leadership
Carbon Accounting
Watershed offers technology solutions for companies looking to measure, reduce, and report their carbon footprint. Watershed’s platform is designed for ease of use, enabling companies to track their progress towards climate goals.


Navigating Sustainability with Advanced ESG Performance Solutions
Carbon Accounting
Sphera provides software and consulting services focused on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance, operational risk management, and product sustainability. Sphera’s solutions help businesses measure and manage their sustainability performance, including carbon footprint and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Plan A

Empowering Businesses with Data-Driven Carbon Footprint Reduction
Carbon Accounting
Plan A is a software platform that empowers businesses to monitor and reduce their carbon footprint. Plan A provides tools for carbon accounting, sustainability reporting, and ESG performance management.


Sustainable Change with Advanced Environmental Management Software
Carbon Accounting
Greenstone is known for providing software solutions and services to help companies manage their sustainability and environmental reporting. They offer tools for tracking and reducing carbon emissions, which could be very useful if your company is looking to comply with new carbon emissions regulations. Their platforms typically support data collection and reporting in line with various regulatory frameworks and standards, including the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.


Measuring Environmental Impact Through Advanced Satellite Analytics
Carbon Accounting
Ecometrica provides end-to-end environmental reporting through their platform, supporting transparency and compliance with global standards. The company is a leader in the field of sustainability and environmental impact analysis, headquartered in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Founded in 2008, Ecometrica has grown to become one of the most respected firms specializing in greenhouse gas accounting, sustainability reporting, and environmental business intelligence.


Environmental Management and Sustainability Solutions
Carbon Accounting
Enviance is known for its cloud-based software that helps businesses track and manage carbon emissions and other environmental data. Enviance, headquartered in Carlsbad, California, was founded in 1999. The company specializes in providing cutting-edge environmental, health, and safety (EHS) software solutions that help organizations manage their environmental impact, ensure regulatory compliance, and achieve sustainability goals.


Provider of Integrated EHS and Sustainability Solutions
Carbon Accounting
Enablon, a leading provider of EHS and sustainability software solutions, leverages advanced technologies to help organizations achieve regulatory compliance, reduce carbon emissions, and drive sustainable growth. This article explores Enablon's comprehensive solutions, market position, and impact on the global push for sustainability.


Climate Risk Intelligence with HPC & AI
Risk Management
Mitiga Solutions, based in Barcelona and founded in 2018, leverages high-performance computing and AI to offer advanced climate risk intelligence. Their innovative products help predict and manage natural hazards, supporting resilience and sustainability across sectors. Recognized for transparency and cutting-edge technology, Mitiga collaborates with global organizations and has secured significant funding to expand its impact​.
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