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EcoVadis: Elevating Supply Chain Sustainability with Global Ratings

Written by Karol Kaczmarek
Published March 24th, 2024
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Updated July 13th, 2024


EcoVadis is a sustainability rating provider based in Paris, France. Their platform can help companies assess and improve their carbon footprint management practices. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has expanded its operations to offer evaluations globally, assessing the environmental and social practices of companies in various industries.
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EcoVadis is a sustainability rating provider based in Paris, France. Their platform can help companies assess and improve their carbon footprint management practices. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has expanded its operations to offer evaluations globally, assessing the environmental and social practices of companies in various industries. EcoVadis focuses on several key areas including environmental impact, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. The company’s assessments aim to provide companies with insights into their practices, identifying potential areas for improvement and managing associated risks.

The mission of EcoVadis is to enhance transparency and encourage improvements in sustainable business practices globally. Through providing actionable insights and sustainability ratings, EcoVadis seeks to help organizations make informed decisions that contribute to their sustainability goals. The ratings system used by EcoVadis is designed to be evidence-based and thorough, intended to facilitate transparency and build trust among companies and their stakeholders.

The company has conducted evaluations for over 75,000 companies across 160 countries, demonstrating its extensive reach in the global market. The company’s efforts are part of a broader movement toward zero carbon emissions. EcoVadis provides essential data that companies use to monitor and potentially improve their environmental footprints. These activities also assist companies in addressing wider aspects of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies, aligning with international standards and stakeholder expectations. This role illustrates the significant reliance on and the impact of EcoVadis’s assessments in promoting sustainable practices within the global business community.


EcoVadis was founded in 2007 with the objective of providing a standardized method for evaluating the sustainability practices of companies. The idea was to create a reliable rating system that would help businesses globally to assess their environmental and social impacts. Initially focusing on European markets, EcoVadis quickly expanded its services to include a wide array of industries and global companies, adapting its framework to meet diverse regulatory standards and business needs. A significant milestone came when the company extended its services beyond Europe, reaching into North American and Asian markets, which greatly increased its global footprint and influence in the sustainability ratings sector.

The company was co-founded by Pierre-François Thaler and Frédéric Trinel. Pierre-François Thaler has a rich background in international business and a strong focus on sustainability, having previously worked in roles that bridged corporate responsibility and global commerce. Frédéric Trinel brings expertise from a career in business management and entrepreneurship, with specific skills in scaling companies and developing innovative business solutions. Their leadership has been instrumental in shaping the company’s strategic growth and in positioning EcoVadis as a leader in the CSR (corporate social responsibility) evaluation industry.

EcoVadis has attracted substantial investment over the years, which has been pivotal in scaling its operations and enhancing its technological platform. Among its major investors, Partech and CVC Growth Partners stand out, having provided significant capital in various funding rounds. These investments have been crucial for expanding EcoVadis’s capabilities in data processing and analysis, which are core to its rating system. The funding has also enabled the company to invest in research and development, improving the accuracy and relevance of its sustainability assessments. This financial backing underscores the confidence investors have in EcoVadis’s business model and its potential to impact global sustainability practices positively.


EcoVadis offers a comprehensive suite of sustainability ratings and intelligence solutions, primarily designed to assess and enhance the sustainability practices of companies. The core products and services include:

  1. Sustainability Ratings: EcoVadis evaluates companies on a range of sustainability criteria, including environmental impact, labor practices, ethics, and sustainable procurement. The ratings are derived from a methodology that encompasses international sustainability standards and provides scores that reflect a company’s performance in these areas.

  2. Carbon Action Module: This service specifically helps companies measure and reduce their carbon emissions. It provides tools and insights that enable businesses to assess their carbon footprint, set reduction targets, and track progress over time. This module is directly aligned with global efforts to mitigate climate change by reducing carbon emissions.

  3. Supply Chain Sustainability Mapping: EcoVadis offers services to map and assess the sustainability practices of suppliers. This helps companies identify risks and opportunities within their supply chain, promoting more responsible and environmentally friendly procurement practices.

  4. Sustainability Performance Monitoring: Using a platform that offers detailed analytics and reporting, companies can monitor their sustainability performance and compare it against industry benchmarks. This service is crucial for businesses looking to improve their practices continuously and communicate their progress to stakeholders.

  5. Training and Support: EcoVadis also provides training sessions and support to help companies understand their ratings and implement effective strategies for improvement. This educational component is essential for companies committed to advancing their sustainability objectives.

Innovation and Technology: EcoVadis utilizes a variety of innovative technologies and approaches to enhance the reliability and impact of its sustainability assessments. Key innovations include:

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: EcoVadis employs AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data, improving the accuracy and speed of their sustainability ratings. This technology enables more nuanced insights and predictive analytics, helping companies foresee potential sustainability issues before they arise.

  2. Big Data Analytics: The platform uses big data techniques to process information from a range of sources including public databases, news sites, and stakeholder inputs. This comprehensive approach ensures that the assessments are both up-to-date and reflective of real-world conditions.

  3. Customized Sustainability Rating System: EcoVadis has developed a dynamic rating system that adjusts criteria based on industry, company size, and geographical impact. This customization allows for more relevant and targeted evaluations, encouraging more precise improvements in sustainability practices.

Case Studies or Examples: EcoVadis has successfully implemented its products and services across various industries and companies, demonstrating significant impacts in sustainability improvements:

  1. Large Multinational Corporation: A global food and beverage company used EcoVadis to evaluate and improve the sustainability practices of its suppliers. By integrating EcoVadis ratings into their procurement process, the company was able to increase compliance with its environmental standards among suppliers by 40% within two years.

  2. Chemical Industry Supplier: A leading supplier in the chemicals industry leveraged the EcoVadis Carbon Action Module to set and achieve carbon reduction targets. The insights provided by EcoVadis helped the company reduce its carbon emissions by 25% over five years, aligning with broader industry efforts to combat climate change.

  3. Fashion Retailer: A well-known fashion brand utilized EcoVadis to monitor and enhance the sustainability performance across its global supply chain. This enabled the brand to not only improve its overall CSR rating but also to promote transparency and ethical practices, significantly enhancing its brand reputation and consumer trust.


Industry Overview: The sustainability rating and corporate social responsibility (CSR) assessment industry is rapidly growing as companies worldwide are increasingly held accountable for their environmental and social impacts. This industry serves a broad range of sectors, including manufacturing, technology, and services, offering tools for businesses to evaluate and improve their practices in line with global sustainability standards. EcoVadis operates within this landscape, providing comprehensive sustainability assessments that help companies monitor and enhance their CSR performance.

Competitors: EcoVadis faces competition from several firms in the sustainability assessment market. Major competitors include Sustainalytics, which specializes in research and ratings focused on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors; and CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), known for its focus on environmental disclosure and scoring. Compared to these competitors, EcoVadis sets itself apart with a broader focus on both environmental and social dimensions of CSR, offering a more holistic assessment that covers a wider range of CSR factors. Additionally, EcoVadis’s use of advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to refine and expedite their ratings process gives them a competitive edge in delivering timely and detailed insights.

Challenges and Opportunities: Challenges facing EcoVadis include the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape around sustainability, which requires constant adaptation of their assessment tools to new standards and practices. There’s also the challenge of data quality and accessibility, as comprehensive and reliable data are crucial for accurate sustainability assessments.

However, EcoVadis also encounters significant opportunities for growth and impact. The increasing global emphasis on sustainability creates a growing market for their services, particularly in industries that are under high regulatory or public scrutiny regarding their environmental and social impacts. Additionally, there’s an opportunity in expanding their services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are beginning to embrace CSR but may lack the resources to conduct detailed assessments independently. Lastly, the ongoing development in AI and data analytics technologies presents an opportunity for EcoVadis to further enhance the efficiency and accuracy of their assessments, reinforcing their market position and expanding their client base.


Environmental Impact: EcoVadis significantly contributes to environmental sustainability primarily through its services that enable companies to assess and reduce their carbon emissions and overall environmental footprints. By providing detailed sustainability ratings, EcoVadis helps companies identify areas where they can decrease energy usage, manage waste more effectively, and implement more sustainable operational practices. The company’s Carbon Action Module is especially relevant here, as it specifically targets carbon emissions, offering tools that companies can use to measure, report, and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in alignment with global reduction targets.

Certifications and Awards: EcoVadis has received numerous accolades that recognize its contributions to promoting sustainability in global supply chains. Some of the notable recognitions include:

  • Sustainable Procurement Leadership Awards: EcoVadis has been recognized multiple times for its efforts in advancing sustainable procurement practices.

  • EcoVadis ratings are aligned with international standards, such as the Global Reporting Initiative, UN Global Compact, and ISO 26000, which further validates their assessment methodology and reinforces their credibility in the field.

Future Goals: Looking ahead, EcoVadis has outlined several goals to enhance its impact on sustainability. These include:

  • Expanding their global reach: EcoVadis aims to bring more companies from various regions and industries into its sustainability assessment platform, particularly focusing on emerging markets where sustainability practices are still developing.

  • Enhancing technological capabilities: The company plans to invest further in technology, particularly in artificial intelligence and machine learning, to refine their assessment processes and provide more precise and actionable insights.

  • Increasing engagement with SMEs: Recognizing the significant role that small and medium-sized enterprises play in the global economy, EcoVadis is looking to adapt its tools to be more accessible and relevant to SMEs, helping them to implement sustainable practices effectively.


EcoVadis engages with local and global communities primarily through its partnerships and collaborations with both non-profit organizations and industry groups dedicated to sustainability. The company actively participates in global initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable business practices. For instance, EcoVadis is involved in the United Nations Global Compact, aligning its operations and strategies with universal principles on human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. By contributing to these initiatives, EcoVadis helps extend the reach and impact of its sustainability assessments beyond its direct client base, influencing broader industry and community practices.

EcoVadis places a strong emphasis on education and awareness in sustainability, partnering with academic institutions to develop and deliver curriculum and research focused on sustainable business practices. These partnerships help foster a deeper understanding of sustainability challenges and solutions among future business leaders. EcoVadis also conducts webinars, workshops, and training sessions that are designed to educate businesses about the importance of sustainability and how to improve their CSR performance. These educational initiatives are crucial for spreading knowledge and best practices in sustainability across different sectors and regions. As for the employee Initiatives within the company, EcoVadis promotes several initiatives aimed at enhancing sustainability among its employees.


Customer Reviews and Feedback: Feedback from customers often highlights the comprehensiveness and utility of EcoVadis’s sustainability assessments. Many businesses, ranging from large multinationals to small and medium enterprises, have noted improvements in their sustainability practices and supply chain transparency as a result of engaging with EcoVadis’s services. Customers typically appreciate the actionable insights provided by the ratings, which are seen as instrumental in driving internal changes and fostering greater corporate responsibility. However, some reviews also point out areas for potential improvement, such as the desire for even more detailed feedback on specific sustainability metrics or faster update cycles for sustainability ratings.

Media Coverage: EcoVadis has received significant media attention, particularly regarding its role in promoting transparency and sustainable practices across global supply chains. Media coverage often focuses on the company’s expansive reach and its impact on promoting sustainability standards worldwide. For example, articles in business and industry-specific publications have discussed how EcoVadis’s ratings have influenced procurement policies and corporate strategies towards greater environmental responsibility. Additionally, EcoVadis’s partnerships with notable companies and its involvement in significant global initiatives are frequently highlighted, underlining its influence and credibility in the field.

Public Relations: EcoVadis employs a proactive public relations strategy that emphasizes its leadership in sustainability assessments and its commitment to fostering global corporate responsibility. The company regularly participates in industry conferences, sustainability forums, and workshops, contributing to discussions on best practices and future trends in CSR. EcoVadis also utilizes various platforms, including social media, to engage with different stakeholders—ranging from clients and partners to sustainability advocates and the general public. By maintaining transparency about its methodologies and actively sharing success stories and case studies, EcoVadis seeks to bolster its public image and emphasize its role as a catalyst for positive change in corporate sustainability practices.


EcoVadis operates within the sustainability ratings industry, providing evaluations that enable companies globally to assess and potentially enhance their environmental and social practices. Founded in 2007, the company has grown to assess over 75,000 companies across 160 countries, offering a range of services designed to address various aspects of sustainability. These services, including the Carbon Action Module, aim to help companies manage their carbon emissions and improve sustainable procurement processes, positioning EcoVadis as a notable participant in efforts toward zero carbon emissions.

The incorporation of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning into its evaluation processes marks EcoVadis’s approach to maintaining relevance and accuracy in its sustainability assessments. These technologies allow for the analysis of large datasets, facilitating detailed insights that companies can use to inform their sustainability strategies. EcoVadis also aligns its operations with international sustainability standards and engages in various global initiatives, highlighting its role in promoting sustainable business practices.

As it continues to develop and expand its services, EcoVadis remains a significant resource for companies seeking to understand and improve their impact on society and the environment. The company’s efforts contribute to the broader dialogue on corporate sustainability and encourage shifts towards more responsible business practices. Through its work, EcoVadis influences both individual businesses and industry-wide approaches to sustainability, reflecting the evolving demands and responsibilities of the global business landscape.

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