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Plan A: Empowering Businesses with Data-Driven Carbon Footprint Reduction

Written by Karol Kaczmarek
Published March 24th, 2024
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Updated July 12th, 2024


Plan A is a software platform that empowers businesses to monitor and reduce their carbon footprint. Plan A provides tools for carbon accounting, sustainability reporting, and ESG performance management.
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Plan A is a software platform that empowers businesses to monitor and reduce their carbon footprint. Plan A provides tools for carbon accounting, sustainability reporting, and ESG performance management.

Plan A specializes in providing comprehensive environmental compliance services, designed to assist businesses in adhering to new environmental regulations. Their suite of services includes developing and managing environmental compliance programs, conducting environmental audits, and offering ongoing support to ensure consistent adherence to evolving regulations. In addition to aiding with environmental permits, which are often essential for new facilities, expansions, or operational changes, Plan A efficiently manages the entire permitting process. This includes ensuring all documentation is accurate and submitted promptly, crucial for maintaining compliance and avoiding penalties.

Furthermore, Plan A’s expertise extends to environmental due diligence, pivotal during acquisitions or property sales to pinpoint potential environmental liabilities. This service enables companies to make well-informed decisions and mitigate unforeseen costs associated with environmental issues. Overall, collaborating with Plan A equips businesses with the necessary tools and expertise to effectively navigate environmental regulations, sustain compliance, and bolster environmental responsibility. This not only helps avoid legal and financial setbacks but also advances a company’s sustainability objectives.


Plan A offers a broad spectrum of services tailored to aid businesses in adhering to and navigating through environmental regulations. Their services encompass environmental compliance programs, environmental audits, and support with permit applications. By managing the complexities of environmental compliance, Plan A ensures that all documentation is accurate and submitted punctually, which is critical for maintaining compliance and avoiding penalties. Moreover, Plan A provides crucial environmental due diligence during acquisitions or property sales to uncover potential environmental liabilities. This service is instrumental in enabling companies to make well-informed decisions and circumvent unexpected costs associated with environmental issues. Plan A also excels in the development and management of environmental compliance programs. They offer ongoing support to ensure businesses continuously meet evolving regulations, thereby streamlining processes and bolstering a company’s commitment to environmental responsibility. For businesses experiencing changes such as new plant constructions, expansions, or operational adjustments, Plan A’s expertise in managing the requisite environmental permits is invaluable. Their approach ensures that all facets of environmental compliance are thoroughly addressed.

Plan A’s services are geared towards aiding companies in meeting environmental regulations through diverse methodologies, including audits, compliance management, and environmental permitting. They incorporate software solutions that facilitate the management of environmental data, reporting, and compliance tracking.

These software tools are designed to streamline processes such as monitoring regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions, managing environmental data for reporting purposes, and providing timely updates on changes in environmental laws that could affect business operations. Such platforms are crucial for companies seeking to maintain environmental compliance efficiently, thereby allowing them to concentrate on their primary business activities while remaining aligned with environmental policies.

The software-driven approach adopted by Plan A enables the provision of customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of businesses across various sizes and sectors. This makes the process of complying with environmental regulations more manageable and reduces the likelihood of errors, ensuring that environmental responsibility is seamlessly integrated into business operations.


Plan A offers three distinct sustainability solutions designed to meet the diverse needs and sizes of companies: Essential, Pro, and Enterprise. Each of these plans is designed to scale with your business, providing the necessary tools and support for efficient data collection, emissions measurement, and sustainability reporting, thus enabling businesses to progress towards their environmental goals seamlessly.

Essential Plan: This entry-level option is ideal for companies beginning their carbon management journey. It facilitates the consolidation of emissions data, measurement of carbon footprints, and supports basic reporting and initial decarbonization efforts. It serves as a foundational tool for those starting to engage with environmental responsibilities.

Pro Plan: Geared towards businesses managing multiple teams and sites, the Pro plan expands upon the Essential features. It includes capabilities for multi-facility management, customizable reporting, and more intricate decarbonization plans, catering to companies with more complex environmental management needs.

Enterprise Plan: Tailored for large-scale businesses, this plan offers the most comprehensive suite of features for centralized and automated carbon and ESG reporting. It encompasses all the Pro features and adds API integration, custom emissions calculations, and extensive support throughout the decarbonization journey.


Plan A’s services are designed to accommodate the varying needs of businesses across all sizes—from small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to large corporations. Their approach to environmental compliance, which includes thorough audits, diligent due diligence, and effective permit management, positions them as a versatile partner for organizations looking to navigate intricate regulatory landscapes.

For small businesses, Plan A provides a streamlined approach to maintaining environmental compliance, a process that can be particularly daunting for companies with limited internal resources. This helps small businesses manage compliance without compromising their operational focus.

Medium-sized businesses benefit from Plan A’s strategic guidance, which assists in integrating environmental considerations into their operational procedures and expansion plans. This approach not only ensures compliance but also fosters sustainable growth.

Large corporations can leverage Plan A’s expertise in managing extensive compliance programs and conducting large-scale environmental assessments. This capability is crucial for enterprises needing to handle complex environmental issues across multiple jurisdictions.

In summary, Plan A’s tailored services are crafted to meet the unique requirements of any company, helping them stay compliant with environmental laws and regulations while fostering sustainable business practices. This adaptability ensures that companies of any size can achieve and maintain high standards of environmental responsibility.


Plan A does not publicly detail specific pricing for their environmental services, and costs can vary significantly based on the particular services and the scale of solutions required for your company. Typically, environmental consulting and software services, such as those provided by Plan A, encompass fees for various elements including audits, permit management, training, and compliance management.

The costs associated with these services can range from a few thousand dollars for simpler tasks to tens of thousands of dollars for more comprehensive and complex engagements. This variability in pricing reflects the bespoke nature of the services, tailored to meet the specific demands and operational scope of each client. This approach ensures that businesses only pay for the services that are directly relevant and necessary for their specific environmental compliance needs.


By collaborating with Plan A, your company can access expert advice and tools that simplify these intricate processes. This partnership ensures compliance with regulatory demands and helps achieve internal sustainability objectives effectively, enhancing your company’s overall sustainability practices, reducing environmental impact, and improving transparency and accountability in operations.

Carbon Accounting: Plan A provides crucial support in carbon accounting, assisting your company in measuring and managing carbon emissions. This is vital for developing effective strategies to minimize your carbon footprint. They help calculate emissions from various sources, including energy use, transportation, and manufacturing processes, using software tools to track and report these emissions. This enables your company to identify high-emission areas and prioritize reduction efforts effectively.

Sustainability Reporting: Plan A also plays a key role in sustainability reporting by guiding your company through the collection, analysis, and reporting of sustainability data. This process is essential for informed internal decision-making and for transparent communication with external stakeholders. Plan A ensures that your reporting aligns with global standards like the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) or the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), helping to set up frameworks for data collection across various departments and compiling this into proper reports.

ESG Performance Management: Furthermore, Plan A supports the management of your company’s ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) performance. They aid in developing an ESG strategy that corresponds with corporate objectives and stakeholder expectations, setting up indicators for environmental impact, social responsibility, and governance practices. Plan A also assists in integrating these ESG goals into your corporate strategy, providing training on ESG issues, and implementing policies that enhance ESG scores, such as diversity initiatives, energy efficiency programs, and governance reforms.


Scope 1 (Direct Emissions): Plan A aids in identifying and quantifying direct emissions from sources owned or controlled by your company, such as combustion in boilers, furnaces, or vehicles. They implement tracking systems to measure fuel consumption and operational data, essential for precise GHG reporting. This direct involvement helps ensure that all significant emissions sources are accurately monitored and reported, providing a reliable foundation for effective emissions management.

Scope 2 (Indirect Emissions from Electricity): For Scope 2 emissions, Plan A assists in tracking indirect GHG emissions from the consumption of purchased electricity, heat, or steam. This process involves gathering data from utility providers and applying appropriate emission factors to calculate the total emissions footprint. Additionally, Plan A may propose strategies for reducing these emissions, such as transitioning to renewable energy sources or entering into power purchase agreements (PPAs) with renewable providers, aimed at minimizing your company’s environmental impact.

Scope 3 (Other Indirect Emissions): Scope 3 emissions represent the most complex category, encompassing all other indirect emissions within a company’s value chain, both upstream and downstream. Plan A can guide your company in identifying key sources of Scope 3 emissions, such as business travel, employee commuting, waste disposal, and usage of sold products. They can establish procedures for gathering data from suppliers, foster supplier engagement strategies for emissions reduction, and help integrate lifecycle assessments into product design processes.

In each of these areas, Plan A likely employs a combination of software tools for data collection and analysis, consultancy services to develop targeted emission reduction strategies, and expert reporting capabilities. This ensures compliance with local and international regulations, such as the GHG Protocol or standards set by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), thereby enhancing your company’s environmental stewardship and sustainability reporting.


In conclusion, Plan A offers essential support for companies seeking to navigate the complexities of environmental compliance and enhance their sustainability practices. Their extensive range of services, from thorough carbon accounting to sustainability reporting and effective ESG performance management, equips businesses of all sizes with the necessary tools and expertise. This enables not only compliance with stringent regulatory demands but also promotes proactive advancement in sustainability.

By partnering with Plan A, companies can access customized solutions that facilitate the reduction of their environmental impact and encourage the adoption of sustainable practices. Plan A assists in implementing advanced software for emissions tracking, devising energy efficiency strategies, and promoting sustainable resource use, guiding organizations through every step toward sustainability.

This collaboration ensures that businesses can meet current environmental standards while positioning themselves to respond to the evolving demands of the green economy. Working with Plan A can enhance a company’s standing in the market by demonstrating a committed approach to long-term environmental stewardship. This not only reflects positively on the company’s corporate responsibility but also contributes to broader environmental sustainability, marking a commitment to future generations. Through a strategic partnership with Plan A, businesses can transform environmental challenges into opportunities for sustainable growth and leadership.

Karol Kaczmarek
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Karol Kaczmarek
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