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Plan A provides a robust carbon management platform designed to help businesses streamline carbon accounting, set science-based targets, and implement effective decarbonisation strategies. The platform supports comprehensive data collection, emissions measurement, and ESG reporting, enabling companies to align with regulatory standards and achieve net-zero emissions. Plan A serves over 1,500 companies globally, offering tailored solutions and expert guidance to drive sustainable business practices and improve overall environmental performance.
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We don’t push agendas. At Net Zero Compare, we cut through the hype and fear to deliver the straightforward facts you need for making informed decisions on green products and services. Whether motivated by compliance, customer demands, or a real passion for the environment, you’re welcome here. We provide reliable information—why you seek it is not our concern.


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PlanA.Earth GmbH
Berlin, Germany
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Plan A

Empowering Businesses with Data-Driven Carbon Footprint Reduction
Carbon Accounting
Plan A is a software platform that empowers businesses to monitor and reduce their carbon footprint. Plan A provides tools for carbon accounting, sustainability reporting, and ESG performance management.