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GreenStep offers a range of sustainability services including assessments, strategy development, climate action plans, product lifecycle analysis, and certification programs. They assist businesses in measuring, reporting, and improving their sustainability performance. GreenStep practices what it preaches by being powered by 100% renewable energy and offsetting its own carbon emissions.
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We don’t push agendas. At Net Zero Compare, we cut through the hype and fear to deliver the straightforward facts you need for making informed decisions on green products and services. Whether motivated by compliance, customer demands, or a real passion for the environment, you’re welcome here. We provide reliable information—why you seek it is not our concern.


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GreenStep Solutions Inc.
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
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Carbon Zero Future with Innovative Sustainability Solutions
Carbon Accounting
GreenStep, founded in 2008 in Kelowna, BC, provides comprehensive sustainability services including carbon footprint assessments, sustainability strategies, and regulatory compliance support. Known for their innovative tools and impactful results, GreenStep helps businesses reduce carbon emissions and achieve environmental goals. Recognized with awards and certifications, they are leaders in the carbon zero movement, driving meaningful change and fostering a sustainable future.