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Carbon Footprint Ltd offers a range of services to support businesses in achieving carbon neutrality. These include carbon foot-printing for organizations, products, and supply chains; setting science-based targets; carbon offsetting through global projects; and providing sustainability consultancy. They also offer tools such as the Sustrax MX platform for carbon management and the Carbon Footprint Standard for demonstrating low carbon credentials. The company's dynamic team provides expert support to help clients reduce emissions and enhance sustainability practices.
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Carbon Footprint Ltd
Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom
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Carbon Footprint Ltd

Sustainable Solutions for a Zero Emission Future
Carbon Accounting
Carbon Footprint Ltd is a leading environmental consultancy based in the UK. Founded in 2007, the company has dedicated itself to helping businesses, individuals, and organizations measure, reduce, and offset their carbon emissions. Carbon Footprint Ltd is committed to fighting climate change by making it easier for companies and individuals to understand and reduce their environmental impact.