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Getting to Zero Forum Kicks Off in Charlotte to Promote Building Decarbonization

Written by Karol Kaczmarek
Published May 21st, 2024
Getting to Zero Forum Kicks Off in Charlotte to Promote Building Decarbonization
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The Getting to Zero Forum, the premier event dedicated to building decarbonization, is set to begin today in Charlotte, NC, and will run through May 23, 2024. This event comes at a critical time as climate emergencies are becoming more frequent across the United States and globally. The Forum aims to bring together the world's leading experts to share best practices for reducing energy demand and advancing decarbonization policies, programs, and projects.

Key Points:

  • Premier Event: The Getting to Zero Forum is a key gathering for stakeholders focused on achieving zero carbon ambitions in the building sector.

  • Expert Participation: Expected to attract over 600 leading policy makers, designers, building owners, systems manufacturers, and commercial real estate professionals.

  • Focus Areas: The event will cover best practice approaches in policy, program, and project-based decarbonization efforts.

  • Cross-Section of Stakeholders: The Forum uniquely brings together a broad cross-section of stakeholders to discuss and collaborate on ambitious building efficiency goals.

  • Event Details: Held in Charlotte, NC, from May 21-23, 2024.

The Forum serves as an ideal venue for organizing both the policy and building communities to push forward on zero energy and zero carbon initiatives, providing a platform for collaboration and innovation in the built environment.

Source: Gettingtozeroforum

Karol Kaczmarek
Written by:
Karol Kaczmarek
Co-Founder of Net Zero Compare
Karol is a seasoned entrepreneur and co-founder of A&K Ventures OÜ. With a strong foundation in quantitative economics, he has a proven track record in strategic consulting, real estate, and global business expansion. Karol is dedicated to leveraging innovative technologies and creative business strategies to drive growth and transformation in every venture.