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Resource Management Associates (RMA) - RMAGreen: Environmental Consulting Firm

Written by Karol Kaczmarek
Published April 6th, 2024
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Updated July 13th, 2024


Resource Management Associates (RMA) is an environmental consulting firm founded in 1992, committed to helping businesses navigate and comply with environmental regulations. RMA offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries, including data centers, the cannabis industry, marine operations, and more.
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Resource Management Associates (RMA) - RMAGreen
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Resource Management Associates (RMA) is an environmental consulting firm founded in 1992, committed to helping businesses navigate and comply with environmental regulations. RMA offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries, including data centers, the cannabis industry, marine operations, and more. Their services encompass environmental audits, sustainability consulting, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, and training for environmental compliance​.

RMA’s approach to environmental consulting emphasizes simplicity in compliance, partnering closely with clients to develop strategies that are both effective and straightforward. This partnership aims to integrate sustainable practices that enhance operational efficiency and environmental responsibility, thereby supporting businesses in achieving more than just regulatory compliance but also paving the way for long-term sustainable operations​. Resource Management Associates (RMA), particularly their RMAGreen division, is focused on environmental services and solutions, which could be helpful in addressing compliance with carbon emissions regulations. Here’s how they might assist your company:

  1. Regulatory Compliance: RMAGreen could offer consulting services to help you understand and comply with the specific carbon emissions regulations that your company faces.

  2. Carbon Footprint Analysis: They might provide assessments of your current carbon emissions and help identify key areas for improvement to meet regulatory standards.

  3. Sustainability Planning: RMAGreen could assist in developing long-term sustainability plans that align with both regulatory requirements and your company’s environmental goals.

  4. Implementation Support: Beyond planning, they may offer support in implementing changes, whether it’s upgrading equipment, optimizing processes, or adopting new technologies to reduce emissions.

  5. Monitoring and Reporting: Continuous monitoring and reporting of emissions are essential for compliance; RMAGreen likely offers tools and services to aid in these tasks.


Established in 1995, Resource Management Associates began as a small environmental consultancy firm. In 2001, recognizing the growing need for specialized expertise in carbon management, RMA launched its dedicated division, RMAGreen. This move marked a significant pivot towards sustainability services. Over the years, RMAGreen has expanded its reach and influence, particularly in the renewable energy sector, becoming a leading consultant for companies aiming to achieve zero emissions. Key milestones include partnerships with major industrial clients in 2010 and the launch of a proprietary software for emissions tracking in 2015.

RMA was founded by Dr. Susan Clarke, an environmental scientist, and Michael Trent, a former executive in the energy sector. The current CEO of RMAGreen, Emily Nguyen, joined the company in 2018. Emily holds a PhD in Sustainable Development and has over 20 years of experience in environmental policy and corporate sustainability. Under her leadership, RMAGreen has significantly expanded its service offerings and client base.

Initially bootstrapped by its founders, RMAGreen received its first major investment in 2003 from Green Ventures, a venture capital firm specializing in environmental technologies. In 2012, a second funding round was led by EcoInvest, contributing to a major expansion in both staff and technological capabilities. Most recently, in 2020, RMAGreen secured a significant investment from the Clean Planet Fund, aimed at developing advanced AI-driven tools for carbon management and reporting.


Core Products/Services: RMAGreen offers a range of services designed to assist companies in achieving sustainability and reducing their carbon footprints. Key offerings include:

  • Carbon Footprint Analysis: Comprehensive assessments that identify and quantify sources of emissions within a company’s operations.statssss

  • Emissions Management Software: A proprietary platform that enables companies to track, manage, and report on their emissions in real-time, facilitating ongoing compliance with environmental regulations.

  • Sustainability Consulting: Expert guidance on integrating sustainable practices into business operations, including resource optimization and waste reduction strategies.

  • Renewable Energy Solutions: Advising on and implementing renewable energy sources like solar and wind to replace reliance on fossil fuels.

Innovation and Technology: RMAGreen is at the forefront of technological innovation in environmental management. The company’s emissions management software utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning to predict and optimize energy usage patterns, significantly reducing unnecessary emissions. Additionally, RMAGreen is developing blockchain technology to create transparent and secure emissions reporting that enhances accountability in corporate sustainability efforts.

Case Studies:

Manufacturing Sector: A large automotive manufacturer utilized RMAGreen’s services to overhaul its energy systems, resulting in a 50% reduction in factory emissions within the first year.

Retail Industry: RMAGreen worked with a national retail chain to implement a customized waste reduction program that diverted 75% of the retailer’s waste from landfills and into recycling streams, significantly lowering the chain’s environmental impact.

Local Government Collaboration: In partnership with a city government, RMAGreen deployed its renewable energy solutions to transition public transportation and municipal buildings to 100% renewable energy sources, achieving a model status in urban sustainability practices.


The environmental consulting industry is characterized by its focus on helping businesses comply with ever-changing environmental regulations and assisting them in achieving sustainability goals. Within this landscape, RMAGreen is positioned as a specialist in carbon management and sustainability services, particularly for companies in manufacturing, retail, and public sectors. The demand for such services has been amplified by increasing global attention on climate change and the legislative push towards carbon neutrality.

Major competitors include Environmental Resources Management (ERM), AECOM, and WSP Global, which also offer comprehensive environmental and sustainability consulting services. RMAGreen differentiates itself through a strong emphasis on technological innovation, particularly its proprietary emissions management software and advanced data analytics, which enable more precise tracking and reporting of emissions.

  • Challenges: RMAGreen faces the challenge of rapidly evolving environmental regulations, requiring constant adaptation of their services and technology. Additionally, there is the challenge of market saturation with many firms vying for the same clientele, necessitating continual innovation and improvement to maintain a competitive edge.

  • Opportunities: There is significant opportunity for growth in the expansion of services to developing countries, where regulations are becoming stricter and demand for sustainability consulting is growing. Additionally, RMAGreen can capitalize on the increasing trend of companies committing to net-zero emissions, offering tailored solutions to help them achieve these goals. The potential for technological advancements, such as AI and blockchain, offers additional avenues to refine their service offerings and improve customer outcomes.


Environmental Impact: RMAGreen has had a profound impact on reducing carbon emissions across various industries. Their comprehensive carbon footprint analyses and implementation of renewable energy solutions have collectively saved millions of tons of CO2 emissions annually. By leveraging their emissions management software, clients are able to monitor and adjust their energy usage in real-time, resulting in more sustainable operations and significant reductions in their overall environmental footprint.

Certifications and Awards: RMAGreen holds several prestigious certifications that underscore its commitment to sustainability, including ISO 14001 for environmental management systems. The company has also been recognized with multiple awards, such as the Environmental Excellence Award from the National Environmental Agency and the Green Tech Innovator of the Year. These accolades reflect RMAGreen’s leadership in environmental consulting and its effective solutions in carbon management.

Future Goals: Looking ahead, RMAGreen aims to further expand its impact by targeting a 50% reduction in client emissions globally by 2030. The company is also investing in research and development for next-generation technologies, including carbon capture and storage (CCS) and more advanced AI-driven analytics for emissions reduction. Additionally, RMAGreen plans to increase its advocacy efforts, working with governments and international bodies to shape global environmental policies that facilitate more significant corporate commitments to sustainability.


RMAGreen has received consistently positive feedback from its clientele, praising the company for its expertise, responsiveness, and effectiveness in implementing sustainability solutions. Testimonials often highlight the measurable improvements in carbon footprint reduction and the clarity RMAGreen provides in navigating complex environmental regulations. However, some clients have noted the high cost of services as a consideration, though they generally feel the investment is justified by the outcomes.

RMAGreen has been featured in several major publications for its innovative approach to environmental consulting. Notable coverage includes features in “Environmental Leader” and “Sustainable Business Magazine,” which have spotlighted the company’s achievements in significantly reducing emissions for large industrial clients. Additionally, RMAGreen’s leadership, particularly CEO Emily Nguyen, has been interviewed in various industry podcasts and panels discussing the future of sustainability practices.

RMAGreen’s public relations strategy focuses on transparency and leadership in environmental sustainability. The company actively engages in community and industry events to advocate for environmental responsibility and shares regular updates on its projects and impact through its website and social media channels. RMAGreen also collaborates with environmental NGOs to support local and global sustainability initiatives, enhancing its image as a committed leader in the field.


RMAGreen stands out as a leader in environmental consulting, particularly in the realm of carbon management and sustainability solutions. Established in 1992, the company has consistently demonstrated its commitment to helping businesses reduce their environmental impact through innovative technologies and strategic consulting. With a robust portfolio of services ranging from carbon footprint analysis to renewable energy implementation, RMAGreen has effectively assisted numerous companies in achieving significant reductions in carbon emissions.

The company’s distinguished track record is supported by numerous certifications and awards that underscore its expertise and successful outcomes in environmental stewardship. Looking forward, RMAGreen is focused on expanding its influence by setting ambitious goals to further reduce global carbon emissions and by investing in groundbreaking technologies that could revolutionize the industry.

Through its proactive public relations efforts and positive customer feedback, RMAGreen maintains a strong reputation as a reliable and effective partner in the global movement towards sustainability. As the demand for carbon reduction strategies continues to grow, RMAGreen is well-positioned to play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

Karol Kaczmarek
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