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Zunder specializes in developing and managing an extensive ultra-fast EV charging network across Southern Europe. Founded in 2017, Zunder aims to provide electric vehicle drivers with convenient, high-speed charging solutions powered by renewable energy. Their services include an easy-to-use app for managing charging sessions and an interoperable network that allows seamless travel across Spain and neighboring countries. Backed by significant investments, including €100 million from Mirova, Zunder is rapidly expanding its footprint to support the growing demand for electric mobility.
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Zunder Ltd.
Palencia, Spain
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Ultra-Fast EV Charging Solutions for a Sustainable Future
Zunder is transforming EV charging in Southern Europe with its ultra-fast network, supporting cleaner transportation and reducing carbon emissions. Founded by Daniel Pérez and Carlos Casanovas, Zunder leverages innovative technology and strategic partnerships to deliver reliable charging solutions. This article explores Zunder’s history, market position, and future goals, highlighting its impact on the carbon zero emission industry and its commitment to sustainability.