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Traceless Materials develops and manufactures sustainable, plastic-free biomaterials derived from agricultural residues. Their products are designed to be home-compostable and integrate seamlessly into the natural material cycle, providing a viable alternative to traditional plastics. The company uses a patented technology to create granulates that can be processed into various products, including films, rigid materials, and coatings. Traceless Materials aims to reduce plastic pollution and support a circular economy through innovative biomaterials that leave no trace.
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Traceless Materials GmbH
Hamburg, Germany
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Traceless Materials

Sustainable Solutions with Biodegradable Innovations
Waste Management & Recycling
Traceless Materials is revolutionizing the sustainable materials industry with its innovative biodegradable products made from plant residues. Committed to eliminating plastic pollution and reducing carbon emissions, Traceless offers a range of eco-friendly solutions, including packaging, tableware, and agricultural films. Recognized for their unique production process and industry impact, Traceless is setting new standards in sustainability and circular economy practices.