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Enifer specializes in producing Pekilo® mycoprotein, a sustainable and nutritious single-cell protein derived from fungi. Using renewable feedstocks, Enifer's fermentation process creates a high-protein biomass that serves as an eco-friendly ingredient for fish farming and other applications. This innovative approach helps reduce the environmental impact of protein production, promoting sustainable aquaculture practices. Enifer's technology enables the conversion of underutilized side or waste streams into valuable protein-rich feed, supporting a circular economy and reducing waste.
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Enifer Bio Oy
Espoo, Finland
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Sustainable Protein Solutions with PEKILO® Bioprocess
Food & Agriculture
Enifer, a Finnish biotech start-up, is revolutionizing sustainable protein production with its innovative PEKILO® bioprocess. This technology transforms agrifood byproducts into high-protein mycoprotein, significantly reducing carbon emissions and resource use. Founded in 2020, Enifer is a leader in the circular economy, promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship through strategic partnerships and community engagement.