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ENGIE Impact delivers a wide range of sustainability and decarbonization solutions, including strategy development, carbon management, renewable energy implementation, and energy efficiency improvements. They work with over 1,500 clients globally, offering tailored solutions to complex decarbonization challenges. Their holistic approach integrates data analytics, project execution, and ongoing management to help organizations meet their sustainability targets and regulatory requirements. ENGIE Impact supports clients across various sectors, including healthcare, retail, technology, and real estate, ensuring a comprehensive and strategic path towards sustainability.
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ENGIE Impact
Spokane, Washington, United States
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ENGIE Impact

Accelerating Sustainability Transformations in the Corporate Realm
Carbon Accounting
ENGIE Impact offers services that assist organizations in accelerating their sustainability transformation. Their offerings include strategies for reducing carbon emissions, energy management, and sustainability solutions. The company is a subsidiary of ENGIE Group, operates as a global sustainability and energy management firm, providing solutions aimed at enhancing organizations’ sustainability endeavors and reducing their environmental footprint.