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Energy Dome specializes in long-duration energy storage through its CO2 Battery technology. This system uses CO2 in a closed-loop cycle to store and release energy, offering a sustainable and scalable solution for renewable energy storage. The technology helps in making solar and wind power dispatchable, enabling grid decarbonization. Energy Dome's CO2 Battery is designed to provide energy storage for up to 10 hours at a cost lower than traditional lithium-ion batteries, making it a crucial component in the transition to clean energy.
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Energy Dome SpA
Milan, Italy
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Energy Dome

Energy Storage with Innovative CO2 Technology for a Sustainable Future
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Energy Dome is transforming the energy storage landscape with its innovative CO2 Battery technology. By providing efficient and cost-effective long-duration energy storage, the company plays a pivotal role in supporting renewable energy integration and reducing carbon emissions. Discover how Energy Dome's unique approach and commitment to sustainability are driving the future of clean energy.