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3F BIO Ltd. (trading as ENOUGH)


ENOUGH, formerly known as 3F BIO, specializes in producing ABUNDA® mycoprotein by fermenting fungi using renewable feedstocks. This innovative process yields a high-protein, sustainable ingredient for various food products, significantly reducing the environmental impact compared to traditional protein sources. ENOUGH aims to produce over 1 million tonnes of mycoprotein by 2032, contributing to global food security and environmental sustainability by replacing animal protein with a scalable and eco-friendly alternative.
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3F BIO Ltd. (trading as ENOUGH)
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
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Leading the Way in Sustainable Mycoprotein Production for a Carbon-Zero Future
Food & Agriculture
ENOUGH is a leading producer of mycoprotein, a sustainable and nutritious alternative protein. Their innovative fermentation technology significantly reduces environmental impact by using less land and water while emitting up to 90% fewer greenhouse gases compared to traditional livestock farming. With a diverse product range including alternative meats, seafood, and dairy, ENOUGH is pivotal in advancing the carbon-zero emission industry and promoting sustainable food solutions.