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Quantis offers comprehensive sustainability consulting services, partnering with organizations to address critical environmental challenges through science-driven solutions. Their expertise includes life cycle assessment, carbon foot-printing, biodiversity impact assessment, and strategic advisory. Quantis helps businesses integrate sustainability into their core strategies, ensuring compliance with planetary boundaries and driving systemic change. With a focus on collaboration, innovation, and impact, Quantis supports clients in various sectors, including food, cosmetics, fashion, and pharmaceuticals.
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We don’t push agendas. At Net Zero Compare, we cut through the hype and fear to deliver the straightforward facts you need for making informed decisions on green products and services. Whether motivated by compliance, customer demands, or a real passion for the environment, you’re welcome here. We provide reliable information—why you seek it is not our concern.


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Quantis International
Lausanne, Switzerland
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Sustainable Solutions for a Zero-Emission Future
Carbon Accounting
Quantis is well-regarded for its expertise in sustainability and environmental impact assessments, including carbon footprint calculations and life cycle assessments. They help organizations measure and understand their environmental impacts and develop strategies to reduce them, which is beneficial for compliance with carbon emissions regulations. Quantis’ mission is to guide top organizations to define, shape, and implement intelligent environmental sustainability solutions.