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Carbon Trust offers comprehensive services in climate action planning, decarbonization strategies, and carbon footprint certification. Their expertise spans across various sectors, helping organizations worldwide to achieve their Net Zero goals through tailored solutions, including energy efficiency, sustainable finance, and supply chain engagement. Founded in 2001 by the UK government, Carbon Trust reinvests any financial surplus to further its mission of accelerating the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy. Their innovative programs, such as the Offshore Wind Accelerator, showcase their commitment to advancing low-carbon technologies and practices on a global scale.
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The Carbon Trust
London, United Kingdom
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Carbon Trust

Leading the Charge in Carbon Reduction and Energy Efficiency
Carbon Accounting
Carbon Trust is an independent organization offering advisory services, footprinting, and technology implementation support to businesses and governments aiming to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency. Carbon Trust is headquartered in London, UK, which serves as a strategic location given the city’s role as a global hub for finance and international business.