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Integrated Assessment Modeling (IAM)

Integrated Assessment Modeling (IAM) is a dynamic and multidisciplinary approach used to analyze complex environmental, economic, and social systems to understand and address global challenges such as climate change. By seamlessly combining data from various sectors, IAM offers a comprehensive framework for evaluating the impacts of different policy decisions, technological advancements, and socio-economic trends on sustainable development.

IAM integrates knowledge from fields such as economics, environmental science, and energy systems, enabling policymakers to visualize potential outcomes and trade-offs of various strategies. By providing a holistic perspective, IAMs make it possible to analyze scenarios over long time horizons and geographic scales, ensuring that short-term actions align with long-term sustainability goals.

In essence, IAM serves as a pivotal tool for decision-makers striving to devise effective and equitable solutions to pressing environmental issues. Its ability to synthesize complex data empowers stakeholders to create informed, science-based policies that lead to a more sustainable and resilient future.