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Carbon Clean Solutions: Carbon Capture Technology

Written by Karol Kaczmarek
Published May 30th, 2024
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Updated July 13th, 2024


Carbon Clean Solutions, a global leader in industrial carbon capture, offers innovative solutions to reduce emissions in hard-to-abate sectors. Founded in 2009, the company has achieved milestones with its CycloneCC unit and APBS-CDRMax® solvent. Their comprehensive approach includes community engagement, educational initiatives, and sustainability programs, making them a key player in the fight against climate change.
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Carbon Clean Solutions
Date of establishment

Deep dive

Carbon Clean Solutions is a globally recognized leader in industrial carbon capture technology, headquartered in London, UK. Founded in 2009, the company specializes in providing innovative solutions to help essential but hard-to-abate industries reduce their carbon emissions and transition towards a more sustainable future.

Carbon Clean Solutions is committed to accelerating the world's transition to net-zero emissions by delivering cost-effective and scalable carbon capture technologies. Their mission is to enable industries to decarbonize without compromising on economic viability or operational efficiency.

Did you know that as of May 2022, Carbon Clean Solutions had successfully captured over 1.5 million metric tons of CO2? This impressive milestone underscores the significant impact their technologies have in mitigating climate change and supporting industries in their journey towards achieving carbon neutrality.

Source: Carbon Clean Solutions

Company Background


Carbon Clean Solutions was founded in 2009 with the vision of revolutionizing the carbon capture industry. Since its inception, the company has achieved several key milestones. In 2012, Carbon Clean Solutions launched its first commercial carbon capture plant, setting a new standard for efficiency and scalability. Over the years, the company has expanded its operations globally, establishing a robust portfolio of successful projects in various industrial sectors. A significant growth phase occurred in 2018 when the company introduced its innovative carbon capture technology, which significantly reduced the cost of capturing CO2, making it more accessible for industries worldwide.

Founders and Key Figures

Carbon Clean Solutions was founded by Aniruddha Sharma and Prateek Bumb, both of whom brought extensive expertise in chemical engineering and environmental technology to the company. Aniruddha Sharma, the CEO, has been instrumental in steering the company towards its current success, leveraging his background in engineering and business. Prateek Bumb, the CTO, has played a critical role in the development of the company's cutting-edge technologies, drawing from his deep knowledge of chemical processes and sustainability.

Funding and Investors

Carbon Clean Solutions has garnered significant interest from investors, reflecting confidence in its innovative approach and market potential. The company has raised multiple rounds of funding, attracting major investors such as WAVE Equity Partners, Chevron Technology Ventures, and Marubeni Corporation. In a recent funding round, Carbon Clean Solutions secured $22 million, which will be used to develop its technology further and expand its market presence. This strong financial backing underscores the company's credibility and commitment to driving industrial decarbonization.

Products and Services

Core Products/Services

Carbon Clean Solutions offers a range of advanced carbon capture technologies designed to help industries significantly reduce their carbon emissions. Their core product, the CycloneCC, is a modular, compact carbon capture unit that can be easily integrated into existing industrial processes. This technology is particularly effective for capturing CO2 from flue gases in sectors such as cement, steel, and power generation. By providing scalable and cost-effective solutions, Carbon Clean Solutions enables industries to lower their carbon footprint and comply with stringent environmental regulations.

In addition to carbon capture units, the company offers comprehensive engineering and consulting services. These services include feasibility studies, process design, and optimization to ensure that each implementation is tailored to the specific needs of the client. Their end-to-end solutions support industries throughout the entire carbon capture and utilization lifecycle, from initial assessment to ongoing operational support.

Innovation and Technology

Carbon Clean Solutions is at the forefront of innovation in the carbon capture industry. One of their most notable technological advancements is the patented APBS-CDRMax® solvent, which enhances efficiency and reduces the energy consumption of carbon capture processes. This solvent has been recognized for its ability to capture up to 98% of CO2 from industrial emissions, making it one of the most effective solutions on the market.

The company also employs a data-driven approach to optimize carbon capture systems. By leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning, Carbon Clean Solutions can continuously improve the performance of their installations, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost savings for their clients. Their commitment to innovation extends to exploring new applications for captured CO2, including conversion into valuable products such as chemicals, fuels, and building materials, further contributing to a circular economy and sustainable future.

Case Studies

Example 1: Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited (TACFL), India

Carbon Clean Solutions implemented its advanced carbon capture technology at the Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited (TACFL) plant in Tamil Nadu, India. This project marked a significant milestone as it was one of the first to commercially capture CO2 from a coal-fired boiler and use it for the production of soda ash. The CycloneCC unit installed at TACFL captures 60,000 metric tons of CO2 annually, which is then utilized in the production process, reducing the plant's overall emissions and supporting the creation of a sustainable production cycle. This project demonstrates the feasibility and economic viability of integrating carbon capture into existing industrial operations.

Example 2: CEMEX, United Kingdom

Carbon Clean Solutions partnered with CEMEX, a leading global building materials company, to deploy its carbon capture technology at a cement plant in the United Kingdom. This pilot project involved the installation of a CycloneCC unit to capture CO2 from the plant's flue gas emissions. The captured CO2 is then used to create low-carbon concrete products, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of CEMEX's operations. This collaboration highlights the potential of carbon capture technology to transform high-emission industries and support sustainable construction practices.

Example 3: Dalmia Cement, India

At Dalmia Cement’s plant in Tamil Nadu, India, Carbon Clean Solutions successfully installed its carbon capture technology to capture CO2 emissions from the cement production process. The captured CO2 is utilized for various industrial applications, including the production of chemicals and fuels. This project, which captures approximately 500,000 metric tons of CO2 annually, underscores the scalability and effectiveness of Carbon Clean Solutions' technology in the cement industry, contributing to significant emission reductions and promoting a circular economy.

Example 4: Veolia, United Kingdom

Carbon Clean Solutions partnered with Veolia, a global leader in resource management, to implement a carbon capture unit at an energy recovery facility in the United Kingdom. The project focuses on capturing CO2 from waste-to-energy processes, which are traditionally challenging to decarbonize. The captured CO2 is used in various applications, including greenhouse operations and the production of sustainable fuels. This collaboration demonstrates the versatility and adaptability of Carbon Clean Solutions' technology across different sectors and highlights its potential to drive significant environmental benefits.

Market Position

Industry Overview

The carbon capture and storage (CCS) industry is rapidly evolving as global efforts to combat climate change intensify. This industry plays a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, particularly from hard-to-abate sectors like cement, steel, and energy production. The increasing regulatory pressure and the growing commitment of industries to achieve net-zero emissions are driving demand for effective carbon capture solutions. Within this landscape, Carbon Clean Solutions stands out as a key player, offering innovative and scalable carbon capture technologies that help industries meet their emission reduction targets efficiently and economically.


Major competitors in the carbon capture industry include companies like Linde, Aker Solutions, Shell CANSOLV, and Climeworks. Each of these companies brings unique technologies and approaches to the market. What sets Carbon Clean Solutions apart is its focus on cost-effective and modular carbon capture solutions, such as the CycloneCC unit. Their patented APBS-CDRMax® solvent, which enhances the efficiency and reduces the energy consumption of carbon capture processes, is another differentiator. Additionally, Carbon Clean Solutions' strong emphasis on innovation and continuous improvement through data-driven approaches helps maintain its competitive edge.


  1. High Initial Costs: One of the primary challenges in the CCS industry is the high upfront cost associated with implementing carbon capture technologies. Although Carbon Clean Solutions offers cost-effective solutions, the initial investment can still be a barrier for some industries.

  2. Regulatory Uncertainty: Changes in environmental regulations and policies can impact the demand for carbon capture technologies. Navigating this regulatory landscape requires adaptability and proactive engagement with policymakers.

  3. Technical Complexity: The integration of carbon capture systems into existing industrial processes can be technically challenging, requiring customized solutions and substantial expertise.


  1. Growing Market Demand: As more countries and industries commit to net-zero emission goals, the demand for carbon capture solutions is expected to rise significantly. This presents a substantial growth opportunity for Carbon Clean Solutions.

  2. Technological Advancements: Continuous innovation in carbon capture technology can lead to more efficient and cost-effective solutions, expanding the potential market and increasing adoption rates.

  3. Partnerships and Collaborations: Collaborating with other industry leaders, research institutions, and governments can enhance the company's capabilities and market reach, driving further growth and impact.

  4. Diversification of Applications: Exploring new applications for captured CO2, such as converting it into valuable products like chemicals, fuels, and building materials, can create additional revenue streams and support a circular economy.

Sustainability and Impact

Carbon Clean Solutions significantly impacts carbon emissions and sustainability through its advanced carbon capture technologies. By capturing CO2 from industrial emissions, the company helps reduce greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, mitigating climate change. Their solutions have been implemented across various industries, collectively capturing millions of metric tons of CO2 annually. This reduction in emissions not only helps industries meet regulatory requirements but also supports broader global efforts to achieve net-zero emissions. Additionally, by exploring innovative uses for captured CO2, such as converting it into valuable products, Carbon Clean Solutions contributes to a circular economy and promotes resource efficiency.

Carbon Clean Solutions has received several certifications and awards that validate its efforts and achievements in the field of carbon capture and sustainability. Some notable recognitions include:

  • CleanTech 100: Recognized multiple times as one of the top 100 cleantech companies globally, highlighting their innovation and impact in the sustainability sector.

  • ISO 9001 Certification: This certification attests to their commitment to quality management systems and continuous improvement in their operations.

  • Global CleanTech 100 Award: This prestigious award acknowledges their pioneering contributions to the cleantech industry.

  • IChemE Global Awards: Winning in the "Sustainability" and "Energy" categories, showcasing their technological advancements and sustainable practices.

  • World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer: Recognized for their transformative technology and potential to address global challenges.

Future Goals

Carbon Clean Solutions has outlined several future sustainability goals and projects aimed at further advancing their impact on carbon emissions and sustainability. These include:

  • Expanding Global Reach: Increasing the deployment of their carbon capture units globally, particularly in regions with high industrial emissions.

  • Enhancing Technology Efficiency: Continuously improving their carbon capture technologies to make them more efficient, cost-effective, and accessible to a broader range of industries.

  • Innovating CO2 Utilization: Developing new applications for captured CO2, such as converting it into sustainable fuels, chemicals, and building materials, to create additional value and promote a circular economy.

  • Achieving Net-Zero Operations: Committing to achieving net-zero emissions within their own operations and supply chain by adopting sustainable practices and reducing their carbon footprint.

  • Collaborative Initiatives: Engaging in partnerships with governments, research institutions, and other industry leaders to drive collective action towards a low-carbon future.

Community and Social Responsibility

Carbon Clean Solutions is actively engaged in various community and global initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company collaborates with local communities to raise awareness about the importance of carbon capture and the role it plays in mitigating climate change. They also participate in global environmental campaigns and support initiatives that align with their mission to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable practices.

The company places a strong emphasis on promoting sustainability among its employees. They encourage staff to participate in volunteering activities related to environmental conservation and community service. Carbon Clean Solutions also offers educational programs and workshops on sustainability practices, empowering employees to adopt eco-friendly habits both at work and in their personal lives. Additionally, the company provides benefits that support sustainable living, such as incentives for using public transportation and resources for reducing personal carbon footprints.

Customer and Public Perception

Carbon Clean Solutions has received considerable media attention for its pioneering work in the carbon capture industry. Notable media outlets such as The Guardian, Forbes, and Bloomberg have featured the company, praising its innovative technologies and impactful projects. This coverage has helped raise the company's profile and establish it as a thought leader in the field of carbon capture and sustainability.

The company's PR strategies focus on highlighting their technological advancements, successful projects, and contributions to environmental sustainability. They maintain a strong presence on social media platforms, sharing updates on their latest achievements and engaging with their audience. Carbon Clean Solutions also participates in industry conferences and events, where they present their research and innovations, further enhancing their public image. By maintaining transparent and consistent communication, the company has built a positive reputation as a leader in the fight against climate change.


Carbon Clean Solutions stands as a pivotal player in the carbon capture industry, offering innovative and cost-effective technologies designed to help hard-to-abate sectors reduce their carbon emissions. Founded in 2009, the company has achieved significant milestones, including the development of the CycloneCC unit and the patented APBS-CDRMax® solvent, which have set new standards in efficiency and scalability. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Carbon Clean Solutions not only provides advanced carbon capture solutions but also actively engages in community initiatives, educational programs, and employee-driven sustainability efforts.

The company has successfully implemented its technologies in various industrial settings, demonstrating their effectiveness through notable projects with clients like TACFL, CEMEX, Dalmia Cement, and Veolia. Carbon Clean Solutions has received numerous awards and recognitions, further validating its impact and leadership in the field. By continuously innovating and expanding its global reach, the company is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for carbon capture solutions.

Through comprehensive community engagement, positive customer feedback, and substantial media coverage, Carbon Clean Solutions has built a strong public image and a reputation for excellence. Their future goals reflect a dedication to enhancing technology efficiency, achieving net-zero operations, and exploring new applications for captured CO2, contributing to a circular economy.

Carbon Clean Solutions is an essential contributor to the carbon zero emission industry, providing crucial technologies and expertise that support global efforts to mitigate climate change and promote sustainability.

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