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UBQ Materials Ltd.


UBQ Materials transforms unsorted household waste, including organics, into a bio-based thermoplastic material that can replace conventional plastics in various products. Their patented process diverts waste from landfills, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and provides a sustainable alternative for manufacturers seeking to lower their environmental impact. UBQ's material is used in industries ranging from automotive to construction, promoting a circular economy.
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UBQ Materials Ltd.
Tel Aviv, Israel
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UBQ Materials

Transforming Waste into Climate-Positive Solutions for a Sustainable Future
Waste Management & Recycling
UBQ Materials, founded in Israel in 2012, is revolutionizing waste management by converting unsorted household waste into UBQ™, a versatile, climate-positive thermoplastic. This innovative process not only reduces landfill dependency but also prevents substantial CO2 emissions, making the company a pioneer in sustainability. With partnerships with global brands like Mercedes-Benz and McDonald's, UBQ Materials is setting new standards in the industry, driving the shift towards a circular economy.