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NexWafe develops and manufactures high-efficiency silicon wafers for the photovoltaic industry through its proprietary EpiWafer process, which significantly reduces the energy consumption and costs associated with traditional wafer production. This innovative approach allows for the production of thin, high-quality wafers, enhancing the performance of solar panels and contributing to the reduction of the overall carbon footprint of solar energy. NexWafe's technology supports the transition to renewable energy by making solar power more affordable and sustainable.
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NexWafe GmbH
Freiburg, Germany
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Pioneering Sustainable Solar Technology with Low-Carbon Silicon Wafers
Energy Solutions
NexWafe, a company based in Freiburg, Germany, produces epitaxial silicon wafers that aim to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in solar panel production. Their innovative technology focuses on sustainability and efficiency, making a significant impact on the photovoltaic industry.