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Exoès specializes in providing advanced engineering services and thermal management systems for next-generation electric vehicles (EVs). Their expertise includes immersion cooling technology, which significantly enhances battery safety, performance, and lifespan by managing heat effectively. Exoès' solutions help reduce the carbon footprint of EVs and are used by major automotive manufacturers. The company also focuses on developing high-performance battery packs and has a dedicated subsidiary for this purpose. With a strong international presence, Exoès continues to drive innovation in the electric mobility sector.
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Exoès SAS
Gradignan (Bordeaux), France
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Innovating Thermal Management for a Carbon-Zero Future
Exoès, founded in 2009 and headquartered in France, specializes in innovative exhaust waste heat recovery and thermal management solutions. Their technologies enhance energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, particularly in automotive and electric mobility sectors. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Exoès engages in community initiatives, supports education, and promotes green practices among employees, solidifying its role as a leader in the carbon-zero emission industry.