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DitchCarbon provides comprehensive emissions intelligence solutions using AI to help businesses measure, manage, and reduce Scope 3 emissions. Their platform offers detailed company emissions profiles, emission factors, and the DitchCarbon Score, enabling procurement, sustainability teams, and carbon accountants to make informed decisions. Founded in 2021, DitchCarbon aims to integrate emissions data into business operations seamlessly, supporting climate-conscious decision-making across various sectors.
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Ditch Carbon Ltd
London, United Kingdom
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Ditch Carbon

Supporting Sustainable Procurement And Carbon Management Across Supply Chains
Carbon Accounting
In the rapidly evolving world of business, procurement teams are increasingly tasked with not only managing costs and ensuring the efficiency of supply chains but also with upholding their company’s commitment to sustainability. This is where DitchCarbon steps in – a platform designed to empower procurement teams with the actionable insights needed to significantly reduce emissions across all suppliers, seamlessly integrated into their existing procurement stack.