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Nacelle refers to a streamlined housing or structure that encases essential components and systems, typically found in applications such as wind turbines, aircraft, and marine vessels. In the context of wind turbines, the nacelle is a critical component that sits atop the tower, housing the generator, gearbox, drive train, and other key mechanical and electrical systems required for energy conversion. The design and efficiency of the nacelle significantly impact the overall performance and reliability of the wind turbine.

In aerospace applications, the nacelle usually holds the engines of an aircraft, providing aerodynamic efficiency while also offering structural support and protection. Similarly, in marine contexts, nacelles house propulsion systems or other machinery, ensuring streamlined operation and maintenance.

Constructed from robust and lightweight materials like composite fibers or aluminum, nacelles are engineered to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Their ability to protect and optimize mechanical components makes nacelles indispensable across various industries, contributing to advancements in sustainable and efficient technology.