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Ditch Carbon: Supporting Sustainable Procurement And Carbon Management Across Supply Chains

Written by Karol Kaczmarek
Published March 24th, 2024
Ditch Carbon: Supporting Sustainable Procurement And Carbon Management Across Supply Chains
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Updated May 5th, 2024
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In the rapidly evolving world of business, procurement teams are increasingly tasked with not only managing costs and ensuring the efficiency of supply chains but also with upholding their company’s commitment to sustainability. This is where DitchCarbon steps in – a platform designed to empower procurement teams with the actionable insights needed to significantly reduce emissions across all suppliers, seamlessly integrated into their existing procurement stack.

DitchCarbon stands as a beacon for procurement professionals who strive to stay informed about the emissions of their suppliers without the traditional time-consuming and costly processes. Utilizing AI technology, DitchCarbon offers up-to-the-minute data, ensuring that procurement decisions are both informed and aligned with sustainability goals.

DitchCarbon offers a feature centered around emissions intelligence for businesses. It provides a simple-to-use API with access to millions of data points for building GHG (Greenhouse Gas) approved emission calculations into various applications. This can be particularly useful for embedding carbon emission data into procurement, marketplace, or banking applications. DitchCarbon’s offerings enable users to make informed decisions regarding their environmental impact by integrating detailed carbon emissions data directly into their systems​. DitchCarbon’s emissions intelligence product is compliant, adhering to the GHG Protocol’s standards (🔗).


User-Friendly API: At the core of DitchCarbon’s offerings is its straightforward API, providing access to a vast database replete with calculators, life cycle analyses, and the carbon footprints of companies. This database is updated with research from leading global authorities, ensuring its users have access to the most accurate and current data.

DitchCarbon emerges as a versatile tool designed to address the unique challenges faced by various teams within an organization, each playing a critical role in advancing sustainability goals. By providing actionable insights into suppliers’ emissions, DitchCarbon facilitates a comprehensive approach to reducing carbon footprints across multiple facets of business operations.



For procurement professionals, the balance between cost-efficiency and sustainability is paramount. DitchCarbon aids these teams by integrating seamlessly into existing procurement stacks, offering real-time data on suppliers’ emissions. This enables informed decision-making that aligns with environmental objectives without sacrificing operational efficiency. By leveraging DitchCarbon’s insights, procurement teams can negotiate better terms with suppliers, prioritize partnerships with environmentally responsible companies, and contribute significantly to their organization’s sustainability targets.


Sustainability teams are at the forefront of defining and implementing eco-friendly policies within their organizations. DitchCarbon provides these teams with a robust database of emissions data, life cycle analyses, and carbon footprints, making it easier to assess the environmental impact of the company’s supply chain and operations. With access to the latest research and data, sustainability teams can set realistic, measurable goals, track progress against these targets, and report on achievements with accuracy, thereby strengthening the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship.


Carbon accountants, tasked with measuring and managing an organization’s carbon emissions, find an invaluable resource in DitchCarbon. The platform’s comprehensive emissions data and calculators simplify the complex process of carbon accounting. It allows for accurate assessments of both direct and indirect emissions, facilitating the preparation of detailed carbon reports and compliance documents. DitchCarbon’s real-time updates ensure that carbon accountants have access to the most current data, enabling them to advise on strategies to reduce emissions effectively and meet regulatory requirements.


Software platforms specializing in environmental sustainability or supply chain management can greatly benefit from integrating DitchCarbon’s API. This integration enriches their offerings with detailed emissions data and sustainability insights, providing added value to their users. For instance, platforms can leverage DitchCarbon’s API to offer clients detailed analyses of their supply chain’s carbon footprint, suggest improvements, and monitor progress towards sustainability goals. This not only enhances the platform’s functionality but also positions it as a critical tool in the fight against climate change.

In essence, DitchCarbon serves as a bridge connecting various departments within an organization to their shared goal of sustainability. Through its insights and tools, it empowers procurement teams, sustainability professionals, carbon accountants, and software platforms to make informed decisions, drive meaningful change, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

DitchCarbon is designed to be adaptable and scalable, making it suitable for companies of all sizes, from startups and small businesses to large enterprises. Its flexible approach allows organizations at different stages of their sustainability journey to leverage the platform effectively. Here’s how DitchCarbon serves both ends of the spectrum:


  • Ease of Integration: DitchCarbon’s simple API and user-friendly interface make it easy for smaller companies, which may have limited IT resources, to integrate sustainability insights into their procurement processes.

  • Cost-Efficient: The platform offers a range of pricing plans, including a free trial, making it accessible for businesses with tighter budgets. This allows small companies to benefit from advanced carbon accounting and procurement insights without a significant financial commitment.

  • Scalability: As a small business grows, DitchCarbon’s services can scale alongside it, offering more comprehensive data and insights to match the company’s expanding operations and supply chain.


  • Comprehensive Data Access: Large organizations, which often have complex supply chains, can take advantage of DitchCarbon’s extensive database of emissions data, life cycle analyses, and carbon footprints to make informed decisions across a wider network of suppliers.

  • Customization and Support: DitchCarbon provides the option for customized solutions and premium support, which are essential for larger enterprises with specific needs and challenges in integrating sustainability into their procurement processes.

  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting: With the ability to track and analyze emissions data accurately, large companies can ensure compliance with environmental regulations and standards, as well as improve their sustainability reporting and performance tracking.


Understanding the diverse needs of its users, DitchCarbon introduces a variety of flexible pricing plans, available in GBP, EUR, and USD, and designed to cater to a wide range of requirements, from startups exploring sustainability to large enterprises seeking comprehensive data analysis. The pricing options include:

  • Trial Plan: A complimentary option allowing access to basic features, perfect for those looking to explore the platform.

  • Web App Access: For a more robust experience, with access to extended features such as UN and SBTi data, detailed analytics, and action plans.

  • Enterprise Solutions: Tailored for larger organizations requiring advanced data analysis and personalized support.

  • API Plans: Ranging from free trials to developer packages, these plans offer scalable solutions for those needing direct API access for application development or live use.

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