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Sphera: Navigating Sustainability with Advanced ESG Performance Solutions

Written by Karol Kaczmarek
Published March 24th, 2024
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Updated July 12th, 2024


Sphera provides software and consulting services focused on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance, operational risk management, and product sustainability. Sphera’s solutions help businesses measure and manage their sustainability performance, including carbon footprint and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
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Sphera provides software and consulting services focused on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance, operational risk management, and product sustainability. Sphera’s solutions help businesses measure and manage their sustainability performance, including carbon footprint and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The company is known for offering services and software that focus on environmental, health, safety, and sustainability solutions, which include managing carbon emissions and other regulatory compliance issues. They provide tools for sustainability management, reporting, and forecasting which can help businesses manage their environmental impact effectively.

Here’s how Sphera is able to assist companies:

  1. Emissions Management: Sphera offers solutions for tracking and reporting greenhouse gas emissions, helping companies monitor their carbon footprint.

  2. Regulatory Compliance: They provide software that can help your company stay compliant with local and global environmental regulations.

  3. Sustainability Consulting: Sphera also offers consulting services to help develop strategies for reducing emissions and improving sustainability practices.


Sphera Solutions was established in 2016, formed by the merging of several leading companies that specialized in environmental, health, and safety (EHS) and sustainability services. These companies had long histories of their own in providing compliance solutions across various industries. Since its inception, Sphera has expanded its offerings to include advanced software for sustainability and risk management, growing into a prominent global provider. Notably, the company has consistently broadened its reach through strategic acquisitions, including the purchase of Thinkstep, a German company focused on corporate sustainability performance in 2020, enhancing its global sustainability data assets and expertise.

Sphera was not founded by an individual but was created through the consolidation of existing companies. The leadership at Sphera is made up of individuals with extensive experience in environmental compliance, software, and risk management. The current President and CEO, Paul Marushka, has been leading Sphera since its formation. Marushka brings a wealth of experience in technology and business management, having held numerous executive roles in technology-driven companies prior to Sphera.

Sphera has been supported by various investors over the years, primarily from private equity funds interested in sustainability and industrial software solutions. Genstar Capital, a private equity firm, initially backed Sphera at its formation. In 2021, Blackstone, one of the world’s leading investment firms, acquired Sphera in a deal that highlighted the company’s growth potential and importance in the sustainability and risk management market. This acquisition underscored the significant interest in EHS solutions and the increasing investment in companies providing critical infrastructure to manage corporate sustainability effectively.


Core Products/Services: Sphera provides a comprehensive suite of software and services designed to enhance sustainability and minimize environmental impact. Key offerings include:

  1. Environmental Performance Solutions: These tools help companies track, manage, and report on their emissions and resource usage. Key features include data management for air, water, and waste, which are critical for maintaining compliance with environmental regulations and for reducing overall carbon footprints.

  2. Sustainability and Product Stewardship: Sphera’s solutions in this area support companies in improving the sustainability profiles of their products from design to disposal. This includes lifecycle assessments that calculate the environmental impact of products throughout their lifecycle, helping companies identify areas for improvement and reporting on sustainability metrics.

  3. Operational Risk Management: While primarily aimed at safety and risk, these solutions also contribute to sustainability by ensuring efficient and compliant operations. By integrating risk management directly with environmental and sustainability efforts, companies can reduce wasteful practices, prevent accidents, and minimize their indirect environmental impacts.

  4. Corporate Sustainability Software: This platform enables organizations to collect, manage, and disclose sustainability data that align with global standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This tool is essential for companies looking to enhance their sustainability reporting and to track their progress towards carbon neutrality.

  5. Consulting and Advisory Services: Beyond software, Sphera offers expertise in formulating effective sustainability strategies, helping organizations to implement best practices in environmental management, and advising on compliance with evolving global standards.

Innovation and Technology: Sphera incorporates a variety of innovative technologies and approaches to enhance its offerings in sustainability and risk management:

  • Advanced Analytics and Data Science: Sphera uses cutting-edge data analytics and machine learning algorithms to provide predictive insights and advanced reporting capabilities. This technology helps clients anticipate environmental impacts and compliance risks before they occur.

  • Cloud-Based Platforms: By leveraging cloud technology, Sphera’s solutions offer scalability, enhanced security, and real-time data access, facilitating global collaboration and up-to-date environmental management.

  • Integrated Approach: Sphera’s platforms integrate data across various domains of EHS, operational risk management, and sustainability. This holistic view enables companies to make informed decisions that balance operational efficiency with environmental responsibility.


Case Study 1: Automotive Manufacturer: An automotive manufacturer used Sphera’s lifecycle assessment tools to analyze and reduce the environmental footprint of their vehicles. The insights provided helped the manufacturer redesign certain components to use less harmful materials and adopt more sustainable manufacturing processes. As a result, the company reported a 15% reduction in lifecycle carbon emissions per vehicle.

Case Study 2: Chemical Industry Leader: A leading chemical company implemented Sphera’s environmental performance solutions to streamline its compliance reporting processes and manage its emissions across multiple facilities. The software enabled the company to reduce reporting times by 40% and improve accuracy in emissions tracking, leading to better decision-making and a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over five years.

Case Study 3: Energy Sector Implementation: A global energy provider utilized Sphera’s operational risk management software to integrate their safety, environmental, and operational data. The integration provided a comprehensive view of operational risks and their environmental impacts, leading to a significant decrease in incident rates and associated environmental incidents, highlighting the dual benefits of improved safety and reduced environmental impact.


Sphera operates within the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) management software industry, which is part of the broader sustainability and risk management sector. This industry is characterized by a growing demand for compliance management solutions, driven by increasing regulatory pressures and a global push towards sustainability. Businesses across all sectors are seeking effective ways to manage their environmental impact, comply with regulations, and implement sustainable practices.

Key competitors in the EHS and sustainability software market include Enablon, Intelex, and Cority. These companies also offer comprehensive suites of software solutions for managing environmental compliance, safety, and sustainability.

  • Enablon focuses on providing a wide range of risk management solutions.

  • Intelex is known for its user-friendly interface and flexible configuration options.

  • Cority offers strong occupational health and workplace safety management tools.

Sphera differentiates itself by integrating advanced data analytics and offering a robust platform that not only helps with compliance but also provides extensive lifecycle and operational risk management tools. This integration enables more predictive insights and holistic management of environmental, health, safety, and sustainability data.


  • Technological Evolution: Keeping pace with rapid technological changes and the increasing sophistication of analytics and machine learning poses a constant challenge.

  • Regulatory Compliance: As global environmental regulations become more stringent, Sphera must continually adapt its offerings to meet new standards.

  • Market Penetration: Expanding into new geographic markets with different regulatory environments and competitive landscapes requires tailored strategies and localization of offerings.


  • Sustainability Trends: There is a significant growth opportunity in leveraging the global shift towards sustainability. Companies are increasingly looking for solutions that can help them achieve carbon neutrality and other sustainability goals.

  • Strategic Acquisitions: Sphera has grown through strategic acquisitions in the past and can continue to expand its capabilities and market reach by acquiring complementary technologies and expertise.

  • Innovation in Services: By further developing its consulting and advisory services, Sphera can offer added value to clients, assisting them in not just complying with regulations but in achieving broader sustainability and operational excellence goals.



Sphera Solutions plays a significant role in helping companies reduce their carbon emissions and enhance their overall sustainability. Through its suite of environmental performance products, Sphera enables organizations to accurately track and manage emissions, energy usage, waste management, and other environmental metrics. The company’s tools are designed to not only help companies comply with regulations but also to optimize their operations for minimal environmental impact, aiding in the reduction of carbon footprints across various industries.


Sphera has achieved numerous certifications and received awards that underscore its commitment to sustainability:

  • ISO 14001: Sphera is certified under ISO 14001, which sets out the criteria for an effective environmental management system (EMS). This certification reflects Sphera’s adherence to rigorous environmental standards in its operations.

  • EcoVadis Gold Rating: Sphera has been awarded the EcoVadis Gold rating for sustainability, placing it in the top 5% of companies rated by EcoVadis globally. This recognition is based on the company’s policies and achievements in environment, labor practices, fair business practices, and sustainable procurement.

  • Sustainability Leadership Awards: Sphera has been recognized with various industry awards for its leadership in sustainability solutions, celebrating its innovations and impact in helping organizations achieve their environmental goals.


Looking forward, Sphera has outlined several ambitious sustainability goals and projects:

  • Carbon Neutrality by 2030: Sphera has committed to achieving carbon neutrality in its operations by 2030. This includes initiatives to reduce its own operational emissions and investing in renewable energy and carbon offset projects.

  • Enhanced Software Capabilities: Sphera plans to continue enhancing its software solutions to provide even more comprehensive tools for sustainability management, including more granular tracking of emissions and resource use.

  • Expansion of Global Services: Sphera aims to expand its consulting services globally, particularly in emerging markets, where it can assist companies in developing regions to leapfrog to sustainable practices without compromising growth.


Sphera Solutions actively engages with both local and global communities to promote sustainability and environmental awareness. This engagement often takes the form of partnerships with non-profits and participation in international sustainability drives. For example, Sphera collaborates with environmental organizations to sponsor and participate in clean-up drives, tree-planting events, and educational workshops aimed at reducing environmental footprints.

Sphera places a strong emphasis on education as a pillar of sustainability. The company partners with academic institutions to develop curricula and provide resources that focus on environmental management and sustainability practices. These partnerships are designed to foster a new generation of sustainability leaders and to promote research in environmental science and sustainable development. Additionally, Sphera hosts webinars and seminars that are often free to the public, aiming to spread knowledge about sustainable practices and regulatory compliance.


Feedback from customers frequently highlights Sphera’s robust software solutions and expert consulting services. Customers appreciate the comprehensive nature of Sphera’s tools, which allow for effective tracking and management of environmental compliance and sustainability metrics. Testimonials often cite improvements in regulatory compliance, risk management, and sustainability performance as key benefits. However, some reviews mention the complexity of the software, suggesting a learning curve for new users which can be mitigated with thorough training and support from Sphera.

Sphera regularly features in media related to environmental sustainability and corporate compliance. Notable coverage includes articles in industry-specific publications such as Environmental Leader, Safety & Health Practitioner, and Corporate Knights. These articles often discuss Sphera’s role in advancing corporate sustainability practices and its involvement in significant environmental initiatives. The company is also sometimes highlighted in discussions about major environmental compliance challenges and technology innovations, underscoring its thought leadership in the field.

Sphera’s public relations strategy focuses on positioning the company as a leader in sustainable practices and risk management. This is achieved through:

  • Thought Leadership: Publishing white papers, participating in industry panels, and contributing to public discourse on sustainability and compliance.

  • Community Engagement: Actively participating in community and global sustainability events, which not only helps improve environmental outcomes but also boosts public perception.

  • Transparency: Sphera makes efforts to be transparent about its own sustainability goals and progress, regularly publishing sustainability reports that detail its environmental impact and efforts.


Sphera Solutions has established itself as a pivotal entity within the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) management software industry, playing a significant role in aiding organizations across various sectors to achieve their sustainability and compliance objectives. With its comprehensive suite of products, Sphera empowers businesses to effectively manage and reduce their carbon emissions, aiding the global pursuit of carbon neutrality.

The company integrates advanced analytics and cloud-based technologies to offer scalable and efficient solutions for environmental performance, sustainability reporting, and operational risk management. These innovations not only enhance corporate compliance but also promote sustainable operational practices.

Sphera’s notable commitments to sustainability are recognized through various certifications and awards, such as the ISO 14001 and the EcoVadis Gold rating, which underscore its dedication to environmental stewardship. Through strategic acquisitions and a focus on continuous innovation, Sphera is well-positioned to expand its impact and support more organizations in their journey toward sustainability.

Customer testimonials and media coverage reflect a generally positive perception of Sphera’s capabilities and impact, highlighting its role as a leader in the EHS market. The company’s proactive public relations strategies and active community engagement further bolster its image and public trust.

In summary, Sphera Solutions stands as a key enabler in the shift towards more sustainable industries, offering vital tools and expertise that help companies minimize their environmental footprints while maintaining operational excellence. As the world continues to emphasize sustainability, Sphera’s contributions to the carbon zero emission industry are likely to grow in importance and impact.

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