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Enhanced Weathering

Enhanced Weathering is an innovative and eco-friendly approach to capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO₂) and mitigating climate change. This natural process involves deliberately accelerating the chemical weathering of certain minerals, such as olivine or basalt, which absorb CO₂ from the air and convert it into stable carbonate minerals. By spreading finely ground rock material over large land areas or incorporating it into agricultural soils, enhanced weathering enhances the natural process, thereby sequestering significant amounts of CO₂ over time.

The benefits of enhanced weathering go beyond just capturing carbon. When applied to agricultural soils, the minerals can also help to improve soil health by increasing its mineral content and pH levels. This can lead to better crop yields and enhanced soil fertility, creating a win-win scenario for both climate mitigation and agricultural productivity.

Enhanced weathering is gaining attention as a sustainable and scalable solution for carbon capture, especially when compared to more technologically intensive methods. By leveraging natural processes and abundant minerals, it offers a promising pathway to reduce atmospheric CO₂ levels and combat global warming.